About Us

Mission Statement

The Global Initiative for Democracy (GID) is an organization dedicated to the promotion of democracy.

Inspired by the openings created by grass-roots movements in the Middle Eastern region, Global Initiative for Democracy engages in advocacy for these changes and advocates international support for transitions toward more open, pluralistic societies and democratic regimes.

GID advocates practical solutions to human rights problems and to educate the public about how the international community can avoid humanitarian catastrophes. Of particular concern is the fate of refugees such as the Iranian dissidents residing in Iraq.

It engages in wide ranging activities nationwide to promote the cause of democracy, human rights, religious tolerance, and cultural and artistic diversity in Iran as well as to ensure the safety and security of political refugees and asylum-seekers.

In pursuit of this endeavor it attempts to inform, educate and enlighten the public at large and interested parties about humanitarian, cultural, educational and artistic matters that relate to the Middle East and beyond.

These activities primarily include outreach to local organizations, faith community centers and leaders, human rights groups, artistic and cultural associations and entities, research institutions, legislators, the United Nations, and regional as well as national media. It may also involve occasional outreach out to representatives in the House and the Senate and to contact relevant U.S. government agencies in pursuit of its objectives.

To this end, GID strives to arrange private and public meetings, symposiums, seminars, panel discussions, forums, and press conferences, indoor and outdoor events and prepare research papers as well as raise funds to draw attention to these matters and engage public officials to address issues of concern.